AboutFabrizio Pinsoglio

Fabrizio produces only typical Roero wines which are rooted in such a rich and variegated territory and that represent it in each glass that we taste.

This family-run winery is located in Canale (the core of Roero) in the hamlet of Madonna dei Cavalli. The farm has been founded in the 60s by Oreste Pinsoglio and, like all typical Roero farms of that age, managed different cultivations. Through the years they decided to invest more resources on new areas planted with vines. In 1997 Oreste with his son Fabrizio decided to renew the farm organization and all the processing both in the vineyard and in the winery. The first step was the thinning of the bunches in order to obtain a better product. The plots are located in different municipalities (Canale, Castellinaldo and Castagnito) and the difference between soils helps to obtain rich and different aromas and flavors. “8 hectars for 6 labels”.

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